Images: Senior Anti-Trump Republican Staffer Arrested On Federal Child Pornography Charges – MSM Calls Him Trump Aide

Yesterday the mainstream media reported that a former Republican Senate staffer was arrested in Washington on federal child pornography charges in what investigators said was a crackdown on an online group that traded numerous illicit files and videos in recent months.

They reported that Ruben A. Verastigui worked for Trump and the GOP from 2017 to 2020 and that he posted a photo of himself at the White House beside an ornate Christmas tree and under a doorway with the Presidential seal… in 2020.

He was recently working as a “communications manager for the nonprofit Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, which supports Republicans who back clean-energy legislation.”

What they didn’t report that not every GOP staffer is pro-Trump and in this case Ruben A. Verastigui is just another RINO and anti-Trump.

His last tweet, just hours before his arrest for distribution of child porn, cheered the 11 Republican Congressmen who voted to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees. From the tweet, we can tell his anti-Trump stance that was not reported by the mainstream media.

Reuben Verastigui said in a group chat that he liked images of babies being sexually abused. “Babies are some of my biggest turn-ons” he said.

“I have been wanting to see videos of guys hardcore raping a baby,” he added.


“when a baby screams it’s my favorite.”

Verastigui also requested that someone join him in D.C. to sexually abuse a minor.

In what can only be described as a sick and twisted perversion

Verastigui was very active in the pro-life movement

He worked at multiple pro-life organizations & spoke at the March for Life in 2013.

There are allegations that he was infiltrated in these movements by other RINOs.

Alex Hall

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