Intoxicated Ashley Biden Seen Grinding on Brother Hunter on White House Balcony Behind Joe During 4th of July Fireworks (Video)

This was from last year:

First son Hunter Biden joined his father and other members of the Biden family at the White House Tuesday to take in the Fourth of July fireworks following a weekend getaway to Camp David — during which a powdered substance found in the West Wing initially tested positive for cocaine.


This year another of Biden’s kids made the headlines for all the wrong reasons!

President Biden and first lady Jill Biden were accompanied on the balcony of the South Portico by Hunter Biden, his son Beau Jr., first daughter Ashley Biden, and other members of the first family.
The Bidens and others in attendance for the president and the first lady’s Independence Day celebration had front-row seats to the fireworks spectacular over the National Mall.

An intoxicated Ashley Biden is seen grinding on her brother Hunter on the White House balcony behind Joe. And we have to ask what the hell is going on?
Video below:


We have the answer:

Ashley Biden is having quite a night it seems.

Kamala is hoping Crooked Joe goes off into that good night.

Jill, Ed.D., is lusting over the power.

Crooked Joe has no idea where he is.

At this point, the train just keeps going off the tracks.

Let’s hope the White House doesn’t have what they had after the last Fourth of July weekend when they found cocaine on the premises. At this point, Biden is just trying to keep his head above water as the pressure on him just continues to mount as more and more calls keep being raised against his candidacy.

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