Video: Here’s What Happens When the FBI’s Side Gig, Patriot Front, Confronts an Actual Conservative Group

In a dramatic and highly charged incident over the weekend, the controversial group Patriot Front, often described as an FBI-linked entity, was confronted by a group of self-proclaimed patriots in Nashville. The clash resulted in several members of Patriot Front being unmasked and roughed up.

The Patriot Front was holding a rally in Nashville when a group of local patriots and some members of another conservative group the Proud Boys decided to take matters into their own hands. Frustrated with what they see as the Patriot Front’s false representation of American values, these individuals confronted the masked members head-on.

Witnesses reported that the patriots aggressively unmasked several of the Patriot Front members, revealing their identities. The confrontation quickly escalated into a physical altercation, with some members of Patriot Front being roughed up in the process.
Watch the video below:

The unmasking revealed faces that have been hidden behind masks, sparking discussions and suspicions about the true nature and affiliations of Patriot Front. Many believe that the group operates as a “weekend warrior gig” for the FBI, infiltrating and disrupting genuine patriotic movements.

One of the local patriots involved in the confrontation expressed their frustration: “We are tired of these guys hiding behind masks and pretending to represent true American values. It’s time we expose who they really are.”
Some of the people are identified on X but we can’t publish their information because it’s against our TOS to reveal the identity but here’s what they say about one of the people who got unmasked:

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