Video: It Took Less Than 30 Seconds for This ‘My Body, My Choice’ Protester to Contradict Herself – It’s Embarrassing

In a stunning display of irony and inconsistency, a ‘My Body, My Choice’ protester was caught on video contradicting herself in less than 30 seconds. The footage, which has quickly gone viral, showcases the protester’s lack of coherent argumentation and highlights the inherent contradictions in the rhetoric used by many pro-choice advocates.

The video begins with the protester passionately chanting “My body, my choice!” as she rallies for what she believes to be her fundamental rights. However, when confronted with a counter-argument, her stance quickly crumbles. Within seconds, the protester shifts from demanding bodily autonomy to supporting policies that impose restrictions on others’ personal freedoms.

Video below:

The look you give when you realize you’ve just been owned!

Before you go we would like to ask you if they are related with the person in the video below?

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