Video: Is This Racism? Obama Appears to Reenact the Viral ‘Key & Peele’ Skit While Sending Off Team USA Basketball to the Olympics

Former President Barack Obama found himself at the center of controversy after a seemingly lighthearted moment with Team USA basketball players sparked accusations of racism. The incident occurred as Obama sent off the team to the 2024 Paris Olympics, mimicking a famous ‘Key & Peele’ skit in the process.

In a video that quickly went viral, Obama was seen giving enthusiastic handshakes and ‘daps’ to the basketball players, followed by more subdued handshakes to the coaches. The situation escalated when one of the white coaches attempted to hug Obama, who managed to avoid the embrace. This interaction has led some online to accuse the former president of racial bias.

Watch the video below:

The former president’s appearance was meant to boost the team’s morale and confidence before their departure. “I’m pretty confident that they’re going to be bringing back the gold and representing us the way we should be represented around the world,” Obama said in his speech to the team.

“I just want to come here to obviously help send off the soon-to-be gold-medal winners. But I want to come by and say thank you to the legends who have represented USA Basketball and America for 50 years now,” Obama added.

Despite the positive intent behind his visit, the controversy surrounding his interactions has overshadowed the event. The debate online continues, with many defending Obama’s actions as harmless and others condemning them as insensitive.
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