Investigators Revealed What Led Jussie Smollett To Stage Attack

I’m sure the leftists have already forgiven him. If the leftists ARE angry with him, I highly suspect it’s because his lie wasn’t convincing enough to promote their narrative.

Today new revelation came to light!
Jussie Smollett allegedly concocted an attack on himself because he was angered that a racist letter that was mailed to him in January did not get a “bigger reaction.”

“When the letter didn’t get enough attention, he concocted the staged attack,” a source told CBS Chicago, which reported that “other sources corroborated that information.”

On January 22, a letter threatening Smollett was received in the mail at the Fox studio where “Empire” is filmed.

“Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told CNN that the letter, received on January 22 at Cinespace Studios, where the show is filmed, prompted a response from the HAZMAT unit,” CNN reported. “Guglielmi said authorities determined the powder to be aspirin, but declined to give details on the content of the letter.”


A report from The Blast states that “the FBI is investigating who sent the letter, regardless of whether or not the threat was legitimate or part an elaborate set-up involving Smollett.”

The Blast’s sources say that the charge would be “mailing threatening communications,” and that “legally, if reports are true and somehow the letter send is a part of some hoax or setup, whoever is responsible can be arrested.”

No “racist letter” was ever mailed to him if you ask me. These people have a narrative to which they have pledged religious allegiance, and that narrative is “People with whom we disagree, we need not engage in good faith discussions because they are evil bigots.”
These people are all shallow, hate-filled, resentful freaks, perverts, losers, and burnouts.

Everyone certainly knows what he’s capable of now. I laughed because sure he was angry that the letter didn’t get more play, he thought that hoax would get more outrage than it did so he concocted a second one.

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Alex Hall

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