Jenna Bush Says Her Mother’s Attack On Immigration Policy Was Important…But Sarah Sanders Already Exposed Laura Bush for Hypocrite She is

Laura Bush daughter Jenna appeared on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today,” on Thursday, where she discussed President Donald Trump’s executive order that instructed border control officials to keep the families of those illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border together.

During the interview, Jenna Bush said that her mother’s op-ed criticizing Trump’s border policy played an important role in signing the executive order.

Jenna Bush said: “It was an outcry. I’m proud of my mom who wrote an op-ed on Monday. Her voice was one of the first, and I love her, of course. And it is not easy for her. That’s not her natural state.

To this, Kelly replied: “She doesn’t get political really.”

“I also think it wasn’t the loudest voices. You know, sometimes, the soft, gentle voices were the ones that did the best,” Jenna added.


But, we all know that the Bush Cartel always trying to be relevant. Just three days ago, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pointed out the real truth about the immigration policy.

“Frankly, this law was actually signed into effect in 2008 under (Laura Bush’s) husband’s leadership, not under this administration,” Sanders said.

“We’re not the ones responsible for creating this problem. We’ve inherited it,” she added. “But we’re actually the first administration stepping up and trying to fix it.”

Jenna, your whole family said nothing while Obummer was President and now your mother complained about a law her husband put in place! Where was your concern when your father was doing the same thing?

Both Jenna and Laura now act like they don’t know that Trump is only enforcing the law that Daddy/Hubby George signed. Are they that stupid or just being naive? I believe that the Bush women know exactly what they are doing! Trying to turn public opinion against our President!!

But, Americans won’t fall into their trap.

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Natalie D.

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