Joe Biden’s Brain Stops Working Mid Press Conference (Video)

“I got elected to solve problems,” Joe Biden said today in response to the first question at his first solo press conference as President. “All I know is I’ve been hired to solve problems, not create division,” he staunchly added, laying down again that there is a new kind of POTUS in the White House after Donald Trump.

“I want to change the paradigm,”

Biden appeared to repeatedly lose his train of thought early on in his first press conference as commander-in-chief Thursday, asking reporters if they wanted him to go into detail in his answers, forgetting questions and relying heavily on cue cards from a binder he brought along.

The president took ten questions at the 62-minute presser, repeatedly consulting his binder before calling on the next reporter.

The three-ring binder also held the opening remarks he delivered at the start of the briefing, as well as notes on topics of major concern he was likely to be asked about.


The first awkward moment occurred while the president was answering a question on the crisis at the southern border from PBS journalist Yamiche Alcindor.

At one moment his brain froze.

You have to see this bizarre clip of Biden’s brain freeze on live television:

Biden walked away from the podium while he was being asked a question, He then started talking away from the microphone and wandered back to the podium to answer the question.

This was one of the strange moments from Joe’s first gathering with his cheerleaders in the press.

Video below:

Can you imagine this guy at a summit with Vlad or Kim or Xi? Xi, would be more sympathetic because he put him in that office.

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