John Bolton Accidentally Debunked Key Claim In The Report On Trump’s Alleged Comments On Dead Soldiers

The Atlantic published a report on Thursday where the publication claimed that Trump “rejected the idea” of visiting Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018, not just because of rain, but “he did not believe it important to honor American war dead,” the publication cited four anonymous sources.

“Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers,” Trump allegedly said, according to the publication.

He later reportedly said in another conversation that over 1,800 Marines who died at the Battle of Belleau Wood during World War I were “suckers.”

Citing three anonymous sources, the Atlantic reported that Trump told his senior staff of late-Sen. John McCain, “We’re not going to support that loser’s funeral.”

On flags being half-staff after McCain died, Trump allegedly said, “What the f*** are we doing that for? Guy was a f***ing loser.”

Additionally, the report claims Trump said in 2018 he asked for wounded warriors not to be a part of a military parade. He allegedly said, “Nobody wants to see that.”

White House spokesperson Alyssa Farah also denied the report, telling the publication, “This report is false. President Trump holds the military in the highest regard.”

President Trump also denied the allegations.

“I would be willing to swear on anything that I never said that about our fallen heroes. There is nobody that respects them more,” the president said. “So, I just think it’s a horrible, horrible thing… no animal, nobody, what animal would say such a thing.”

He also called it “a disgraceful attempt to influence the 2020 Election.”

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One of the people that want to see Trump go down is John Bolton and in this case he accidentaly helped President Trump in revealing the truth about the report.

Bolton stated in his memoir that President Trump canceled a visit to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris over weather, undercutting a key claim in a recent story from The Atlantic that the president scrapped the trip because of the “losers” and “suckers” buried there.

Bolton who is a prominent Trump critic, months ago in his memoir “The Room Where It Happened.” On the canceled trip to Aisne-Marne he wrote:

On Saturday, I went to the U.S. Ambassador’s residence, where Trump was staying, to brief him for his bilateral with [French President Emmanuel Macron]. The weather was bad and [former Chief of Staff John Kelly] and I spoke about whether to travel as planned to the Chateau-Thierry Belleau Woods monuments and nearby American Cemeteries, where many U.S. World War I were buried. Marine One’s crew were saying that bad visibility could make it imprudent to chopper to the cemetery. The ceiling was not too low for Marines to fly in combat, but flying POTUS was obviously something very different. If a motorcade were necessary, it could take between ninety and a hundred and twenty minutes each way, along roads that were not exactly freeways, posing an unacceptable risk that we could not get the President out of France quickly enough in case of an emergency. It was a straightforward decision to cancel the visit but very hard for a Marine like Kelly to recommend, having originally been the one to suggest Belleau Wood (an iconic battle in Marine Corps history). Trump agreed, and it was decided that others would drive to the cemetery instead.

Bolton continued:

The press turned canceling the military visit into a story that Trump was afraid of the rain and took glee in pointing out that other world leaders traveled around during the day. Of course, none of them were President of the United States, but the press didn’t understand that rules for US presidents are different from the rules for 190 other leaders who don’t command the world’s greatest military forces.

The press is like a bunch of kids scrambling for candy after the pinata busts open on this one. Seems like this could be legally approached and some charges pressed.

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