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Jussie Smollett 2.0: People Suspect That CBS Staged The Video Of The “Crying Nurse” Where She Claims She Quit Because Was Asked to Work Without a Mask

CBS News posted a video of a nurse crying that claims she quit her job because she was asked to work in an ICU with no mask.

The nurse which the Twitter community labeled as “the Crying Nurse” become viral.
CBS posted: In tears, a nurse says she quit her job after she was asked to work in a coronavirus ICU without a face mask: “America is not prepared, and nurses are not being protected”
Video below:

The video divided Twitter users because another video from her social account came to light and one took her side and felt sorry but another group of people labeled her as fake.

Video below:

One Twitter account accused her of lying:
Ah, got it now! The devil is in the detail! Hospital DID have PPE AND FACE MASKS! Tantrum lady here just wanted to wear her own and NOT the hospital issued ones! How does she know they were ‘inadequate’?? Other staff were happy to wear them! Attention seeker!


She responded and said that she needed to have her own mask for just in case:

Incorrect! We each were given 1 N95 per COVID pt. to reuse for each entry in the room & removing each time exiting w/no surgical or N95s worn at the nurses stations, halls etc. I had my own N95 from home I wanted to keep on 4 further protection & was told NO.

She also responded on Twitter that she stands by what she said on the famous CBS video:

So basically she quit her job because the hospital didn’t allow her to wear a mask from her home.

The hospital was giving the nurses proper masks, one mask per COVID patient. So you were supposed to put on the mask for that patient before you went in the room, and then leave it there when done. They were also wearing proper masks the rest of the time, but the idea seems to be they didn’t want to spread COVID on the masks by wearing the same mask in a COVID room and then other areas.

Crying nurse lady brought her own mask from home and wanted to wear it at all times for extra protection. But assuming the hospital’s reasoning is sound, this would undo their plan to prevent the spread through masks.

I’ve noticed this with some nurses, nurses aides etc. I have known, they declare all sorts of “special” medical knowledge, I don’t know if they are bitter that they aren’t doctors, or are attention hounds or what.

In the end, she admitted that she was actually given 1 N95 mask while taking care of COVID-19 patients after Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted out her story.

Another tweet alleged of her lies:

Prior to CBS picking up this video, Imaris posted on her public Facebook page that she has anxiety and bi-polar depression and had not been an employee at the hospital for over a year. She mentioned in her post that she was unsure if she was ready to return to her job.

Imaris also said the growing volume of information on coronavirus “triggers” her.

“The information overload can be hard for me to sift through as far as what is credible and what is not, it triggers me,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

Real or not the mainstream media should double-check cases like this before creating even more panic and hate between the American people.

Last week CBS aired a video of an Italian hospital that was reported as New York’s hospital.

On Wednesday morning CBS aired this footage from a New York hospital:

This video is where the original hospital footage was aired via Sky News back on March, 22nd.

Many on Twitter were furious with CBS News for its use of, what is fake news, to paint a more somber picture than needs to be.

As many on Twitter said, if the mainstream media want to complain about President Donald Trump calling them fake news they should stop making fake news.

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