MSNBC Calls Biden Former President And A Current Occupant Of The White House (Video)

Voters delivered President Joe Biden a stunning electoral setback on Tuesday night as Republicans outperformed their 2020 showings in the first real test of the Democratic agenda’s electoral strength.

Republican Glenn Youngkin was poised to lead his ticket to victory in Virginia, where Biden beat former President Donald Trump by 10 points a year ago. Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee seeking a second nonconsecutive term, was unable to come close to replicating this performance.

New Jersey, an even bluer state where Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy not long ago led comfortably in the public polls, also saw Republican Jack Ciattarelli exceeding expectations.

Now many Democrats started calling out Biden and asking for him to react or get out of the way!

The whole picture got even more interesting when an MSNBC speaker called Biden former President and a current occupant of the White House!


The video was sent to us this morning and we don’t know at what time was aired but in the corner of the screen, it states Biden is about to talk about child vaccines – so it’s CLEARLY very recent, in the last 24 hours.

Video below:

Was this Freudian slip? Or she was saying something we don’t know?

In any case, Biden is former in the eyes of many Democrats too!

Some Democratic operatives, especially those advising centrists, have argued the party would have done better Tuesday night if they had decoupled the bipartisan infrastructure bill from the Democrats-only climate and social welfare spending measure and passed the package funding roads, bridges, and railways.

Stronger-than-initially-anticipated Republican showings will give Democrats something to consider as they enter the most important weeks of Biden’s presidency. And Biden no longer looks like a major electoral asset to his party.

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Kathy Sullivan

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