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Nurse Alarms About The Alleged Abuse and Malpractice of Elderly NYC COVID Victims: “Patients left to rot and die” “Never seen so much neglect” “No one cares” “Murder”

Anticipating a rather controversial response to this message – Original Here – the alert has been copied to retain distribution. The EAM is provided by a nurse practitioner to notify a larger audience.

The video was posted by a nurse practitioner Sara P.
The woman discusses the nightmare situation at New York City hospitals battling the coronavirus.
According to the video:

“Patients left to rot and die”
“Never seen so much neglect”
“No one cares”
“The blind leading the blind”
“Out of a horror movie”
“I don’t want to be a part of this”

The video was first posted on Facebook and has since been taken down.
We managed to download the video because the tech elites do not want you to see it.

Video below:


Sara also posted a text message from her friend which is now removed:

The resources are not utilized properly because there would be too many people speaking out.
Thank you, young lady, for stepping forward with this news. Unfortunately, we have too many cowards to take any action to save our country. I suggest all people to go out and protest. Share this video, talk to your neighbors, organize and protest to start the end of slavery that is brought upon us.

Natalie D.

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