Military Sniper Destroys Obama’s Legacy, While Praising Trump For ‘Striking Fear Into The Enemy’ (VIDEO)

Remember when Obama stated that ISIS could not be defeated by bullets, but needed a political solution and that it would take years to eradicate them? Obama was wrong then as he is wrong about the Iran nuclear deal is the best America could hope for. Obama was wrong on so many things it is hard to understand why the left gives him so much credit.

Luckily, after 8 years of American hating clowns running the White House, it’s good to see we finally have some real leadership! President Trump is doing exactly what a leader of the country is expected to do… protect our nation against the enemy. A strong military is fearsome and not to be toyed with.

Former special operations sniper Nicholas Irving defended the Trump military strategy.

Via Western Journal: “During a total of six tours in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2005 and 2010, Irving is said to have killed 33 enemy combatants — more than any other member of the 3rd Ranger Regiment before or since.

Under the direction of the Obama administration, however, he said he and others in special operations forces lost a key factor in their success.


Asked how he views President Donald Trump’s general military leadership compared to prior presidents, Irving said troops can once again count on the element of surprise. Irving described Trump’s approach as “tougher” and one that is “actually striking fear into the enemy.”

In Irving’s opinion, “having that fear in the enemy is one of the first things that the enemy wants to back down from a fight from.”
Trump’s vague responses to military matters have made some in the U.S. uneasy. But more importantly, Irving claimed, those indecipherable messages put America’s enemies on edge.

“We didn’t really get that from prior presidents,” he said.

Former President Barack Obama attracted criticism from Trump and others for discussing more openly the military’s plans for dealing with certain national security threats. According to Irving, that approach presented unnecessary hurdles to the specialized mission he and others in special operations were deployed to complete.

“The last president we had, we didn’t have the ability to actually strike fear into our enemy and have that element of surprise going into Helmand Province,” he said.

“Fox & Friends” co-anchor Pete Hegseth, himself a decorated Army veteran, pointed out that Obama also announced an expected withdrawal timeline associated with the troop surge in Afghanistan.

“I did not understand that,” Irving said. “That was one of the first times I’ve ever seen that.”

The result of these announcements, he concluded, was the critical loss of the element of surprise, describing it as “kind of like fighting with handcuffs behind our back.”

There’s only one way to accomplish all of America’s goals… you must have the element of surprise, even in a game is always on the winners’ side. And with Trump’s approach to fighting the enemies, we have that.

The Trump approach to fighting our enemies, if it is striking fear into the enemy, is the approach we’re supposed to fight a war with. That’s why we voted for Trump for. He’s doing his job as our US President because we voters did our duty as voters. We elected someone as President who understands fully what the US President’s job is supposed to be and how it is supposed to be done.

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Natalie D.

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