The Authors Of The NY Times Hit Piece Confirms That Trump Paid Millions in 2016-2017 Taxes – Here Are The Numbers


Joe Biden’s campaign wasted no time attempting to cash in on a bombshell report from The New York Times on Donald Trump’s federal income tax payments, which found the president paid no income taxes in 10 out of 15 years since 2000.

A few hours after the Times released its findings, the Biden campaign’s fundraising website released new vinyl stickers that read, “I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump.”

It also released an ad detailing the average income tax payments for elementary school teachers, firefighters, construction managers, and nurses. The ad ended with what Trump reportedly paid in 2017 — $750, according to the Times.

The information for the piece was likely illegally leaked from the IRS to the Times.
And the Biden Campaign released an ad attacking President Trump on his tax burden following the NY Times release.


Funny how that happens?
It’s almost as if they are coordinating their attacks?

But it seems that was just another fake news show!

While reading the article from the New York Times hit piece we noticed that the authors admit president Trump paid $1 million in taxes in 2016 and $4 million in taxes in 2017.
Printscreen below:

So this was just another campaign trick and more fake news!

“Trump PAID, as in transferred to the US Treasury, $1 million in 2016 and $4.2 million in 2017. Note also that most of the overpayment was rolled forward, not refunded. The $750 figure is an ADDITIONAL $750. Thus every single story saying he paid $750 is a lie.“

It is not simply a lie, it proves that the person making the statement either did not read the story itself (BY THE INSANITY OF CTHULHU READ THE SOURCES) or lack the mental ability to comprehend that the NYT itself claims that Trump paid $1,000,000 in 2016 and $4,200,00 in 2017.

The claim that Trump paid only $750 in Federal taxes in 2016 and 2017 is thus a complete and total lie which is easily disproven by the Times own story. I mind when people lie. I mind more when people lie to me about something I can disprove in minutes.

Also, there’s something even more worrisome than that the NYT appears not to have seen the actual returns. Read this closely and you’ll see something very disturbing indeed.

Printscreen below:

Did you see it? The years of employee compensation? So the NYT was given compensation information for people who are not Donald Trump. Yeah, that right there should make everyone spit fire from their eyes. What the hell right does the NYT have to employee compensation?

The Trump Tax Returns illustrate three primary things:

1) No unreported connections to Russia

2) MSM Journos & DNC Hacks do NOT understand how running a business and managing assets works tax-wise. Or any-wise.

3) Unlike Biden, President Trump didn’t profit from his office.

Alex Hall

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