This Video Exposes the Mini Eye on iPhone – Big Brother Is Watching You!

We simply asked Google the following question:

Can they spy on your iPhone?

And here’s the first result:

Yes, a partner, parent, or even employer can gain remote, real-time access to your iPhone using spying software. Spyware can track your GPS location, record your keypad inputs such as credit card numbers and passwords, and monitor your calls, texts, app usage, emails, voice, and other personal data.

But from a video that we’ve received this morning, it seems there is another option!


Watch the video below:


The government can read your messages and emails, take pictures of you, and even obtain the files on your phone.

Government spying is nothing new in the US; anyone can be monitored through their phone, especially US citizens. Additionally, the government doesn’t need physical access to watch you through your phone.

They can do so remotely without your knowledge or consent.
The home has traditionally been the family’s most private place. But first the mobile phone and now smart devices have entered that space. Their digital conversations mean that, often without the users’ knowledge, they share intimate details about the home that were previously impossible to obtain. Until now, research on these devices focused on external risks: is it possible to access a home camera from the internet? Is a smart speaker vulnerable to eavesdropping? Today, pioneering work by several universities and research centers has discovered that beneath the superficial calm of a house, there lurk many risks.

Such is the one above!
Disclaimer: This article contains the author’s personal opinions. It is intended for educational purposes only and aims to foster understanding, not to spread misinformation or hatred.

Alex Hall

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