The Botox Muscle Toxin Has Trickled Down from Her Forehead, and Nancy Pelosi Can Now Barely Open Her Eyes (Video)

In a recent MSNBC interview, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi dismissed the explosive new video that revealed her admitting she refused to secure the Capitol on January 6th.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that, as Pelosi fled the Capitol amid the chaos, she grilled her top staffer regarding the situation.

“We have a responsibility Terry. We did not have any accountability on what was going on there, and we shoud have,” Pelosi said.

“You’re going to ask me — in the middle of the thing when they’ve already breached the inaugural stuff — ‘should we call … the National Guard?’” Pelosi incredulously asked her chief of staff, Terri McCullough, while being escorted to Fort McNair. “Why weren’t the National Guard there to begin with?”
She is caught red handed on the National Guard issue.
OK, she made a mistake big deal right?

But let’s review her face on the video for a little bit!


The Botox muscle toxin has trickled down from her forehead, and Nancy Pelosi can now barely open her eyes.

She looks like a zombie!

Even the MSM got attacked on this issue!

Kimberly Guilfoyle mocked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for having too much work done, as she complained about positive media coverage of President Joe Biden and Democrats, likening it to a ‘freak show.’

‘Well, it’s ridiculous. I mean, you can’t even- it’s like the greatest hits of incompetence and idiocy,’ Guilfoyle said on Newsmax. ‘And yet we have llike little clapping seals in the media, like you said, that are complicit.’

She pointed to 82-year-old Pelosi’s Tuesday afternoon sit-down with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

‘And where is the journalism these days? When you see like Andrea Mitchell fawning over Pelosi. Pelosi lying – what’s left of her face – off about Biden’s accomplishments and legislative achievements,’ Guilfoyle said. ‘It’s a freak show. I mean, Halloween is around the corner. But it’s too much, it’s fright night.’

Experts have offered their observations regarding Pelosi’s appearance. Dr. Michael K. Obeng has noted that her face seems “firmer and more radiant,” which could suggest facial rejuvenation. Likewise, Dr. David Saadat has remarked on her revitalized look, hinting at the possibility of multiple procedures. It’s essential to remember that these are only speculations since Pelosi has not personally confirmed anything.

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