MSM Takes: If You Don’t Think Miss Alabama Won Fair & Square, You’re a Far-Right Extremist (Video)

Body positivity started as a powerful response to the media’s fixation on ultra-thin models and unrealistically voluptuous figures. It aimed to empower women of all shapes and sizes, challenging the unattainable beauty standards perpetuated by advertising and branding. The movement criticized trends like the thigh gap obsession and extreme dieting fads such as green juice cleanses.

As society shifts away from the skinny ideals of the mid-2000s and embraces diverse body types, a segment of activists has taken this further. Led by plus-sized models and social media influencers, the fat acceptance movement seeks to normalize obesity, promoting the message that it’s okay to be fat. Terms like “straight size” and “fat pride” are becoming more common, and some prominent voices are even equating health officials’ legitimate concerns with hate crimes.

In our country, if you don’t embrace this ideology the mainstream media will label you as a far-right extremist!

Below we have Miss Alabama winner Sara Milliken and if you don’t think she won fair and square then you know the rest!

Video below:


Miss Alabama winner Sara Milliken:

Plus-sized model Sara Milliken, 23, won the title over the Memorial Day weekend but she was branded an embarrassment online.

In other news Bailey Anne is a male who just won miss Maryland while pretending to be a woman. It’s hard to feel bad for the women when they just watch and clap…

Women, stand up and speak out!! Do not let your spaces and titles be taken over by men or wokies!

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Kathy Sullivan

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