Trump Steps Up, Puts His Hand On His Heart, And Drops A Line That Makes The Entire Room Howl (Video)

President Donald Trump made good on a promise last year to campaign against Sen. Joe Donnelly during a campaign rally Thursday in Elkhart, attacking the Democrat as “Sleepin’ Joe” and a “swamp person.”

Taking the stage at a gymnasium in Elkhart just two days after Indiana’s brutal three-way Republican contest for Senate, Trump touted GOP nominee Mike Braun as a successful businessman who would reinforce his agenda in Washington.

But one of the greatest moment of the night came when President Trump said:

Never believe that your Second Amendment is not under siege. We believe that a strong nation must have strong borders. We have pride in our history and respect for our great American flag,” Trump said.

The auditorium then broke out into cheers and a chant of “USA! USA!”

Trump walked away from the podium for a few moments, then stepped back up and dropped a line that made the entire room howl.

Trump said, “And we put our large, beautiful hands on our hearts for the Pledge of Allegiance!”

“And we proudly stand, all the time we stand, because we love that sound, we stand for our national anthem at all times,” the president said.

You can watch the moment in the video below after the 32 min:

As the crowd waited for the president, they chanted “build the wall” and “lock her up.” Even when Trump gave a shout out to New England Patriot’s head coach Bill Belichick, who leads a team that Colts’ fans love to hate, some in the crowd cheered.

Outside, police put up yellow barricade tape separating a large group of protesters from those waiting in line. Many supporters never made it into the gym, but waited outside throughout the event anyway.

At one point, the line to get in stretched several blocks. Among those waiting were Mishawaka resident Jon Sharp and his wife, Missy, who works in the area’s dominant recreational vehicle industry.

They said they didn’t come out to see President Obama during his two visits to the area while in office. They disagreed with him taking credit for the improved economy in Elkhart near the end of his term.

But with Trump, Sharp said, “it’s different because you can actually see the results.”

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