Video: Antifa Rioter Explains How They Keep Getting Out Of Jail Even When They’re Charged With Felonies



Antifa’s violence in many cases remained unpunished, either our legal system failed or their legal defenders have a lot of money to protect them.

Yesterday Federal law enforcement made an arrest of an Antifa black bloc militant. Notice how the camera person says “NLG will get you out.”

Video below:

The NLG green hat volunteers have access to court databases through various legal subscription services. Against service guidelines, they pass personal information on to their Antifa comrades for doxes. This is one-way Antifa receive addresses, phone numbers, etc of their targets.


One Antifa rioter even explained the whole situation during an interview:

As the Post Millennial reported, although much lower profile than their enablers within the establishment media and among the more extreme elements of the Democratic Party, the National Lawyers Guild is actually far more important when it comes to keeping Antifa’s program of extreme political violence going.

Made up of thousands of hard-left lawyers spread out in over 150 chapters across the country (not including over 100 student chapters), and funded by giant philanthropists like the Ford Foundation and George Soros, the NLG explicitly and openly coordinates legal action and public relations in support of the Antifa movement. As one chapter states online, the guild’s member-lawyers “understand that legal support is critical in the planning and aftermath of any action,” and “can usually mobilize NLG volunteer lawyers to handle initial court appearances, and . . . often continue to defend activists pro bono.”

Their chapters’ contact details and telephone helplines appear across Antifa websites and social media, while NLG attorneys advertise their services on Antifa podcasts and blogs, such as “It’s Going Down,” the biggest of either in the United States. Unsurprisingly then, in 2018, when mass arrests accompanied Antifa’s armed mob-attack on a “No to Marxism” rally in Berkeley, police-reported that 21 activists had called NLG for help, most of whom admitted to being Antifa.

During its early years, the guild attracted nearly 3,000 members and made great strides in creating a reputation as an organization that embraced liberal and radical causes. The NLG helped workers organize unions, supported the New Deal programs.

Despite the Guild’s activity in some high-profile anti-discrimination cases, it argued that economic inequality was a greater threat to social justice than racial inequality. Consequently, its appeal to black lawyers began to decline by the end of World War II. By the late 1940s, the Guild was almost destroyed for their communists’ ties ant with the growing Red Scare sweeping across the nation their real narrative was exposed. When some Guild leaders admitted to Communist Party membership, the organization began to decline. In a span of 13 years between 1946 and 1959, the organization lost almost 2,000 of its 2,500 members because of the anti-Communist crusade.
By the 1970s, like most Communist groups, NLG moved into racial politics, representing ethno-terror groups including the Black Panthers, the American Indian Movement, and the Puerto Rican independence movement (whose members attempted to kill Harry Truman, among others).

Also in the 1970s, NLG represented groups most closely resembling today’s Antifa: the white middle-class hard-left Students for a Democratic Society and its ultra-violent spin-off, the Weather Underground.

They are back now with the Communists of today but there are no real Americans to stop them anymore because our politicians are too corrupt to see the truth!

Natalie D.

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