Video: Border Patrol Cut Open Border Fences – Now They’re Caught Doing Something More Disgusting

There are disturbing developments along our southern border where Border Patrol agent were filmed cutting down razor wire and allowing illegal aliens to enter the United States.

The agents then shared fist-bumps with the invading criminals.

Watch the video below:

Video footage also captured the moment Border Patrol agents cut through razor wire in Eagle Pass, which Texas Gov. Greg Abbott claims is effective in preventing entry, and helping migrants enter the United States.

The footage, captured on the banks of the Rio Grande, shows the agents helping a group of migrants including women and children. They can be seen helping women carrying children up and over the embankment and also placing fabric over the wire to avoid injuries.


In both situation they didn’t acted properly but why the hell in the world they would fist bump illegals and criminals?

According to one agent who participated in wire-cutting, their superiors initiated the action, necessitating the presence of other agents for assistance. When Conservative US inquired about his perspective on the matter, he described it as “demoralizing.”

“Sucks I had to help with cutting and moving the razor wire earlier; demoralizing,” the agent said.

“The reality of the law is that once they’re in the United States, they have to be taken into custody, that barbed wire is in the United States, it’s already inland,” said Art Del Cueto, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council. “When those individuals reach the barbed wire, it is the job of the agents to detain them and protect them into custody. Now the agent ain’t gonna go through the barbed wire fence and get cut up and stuff. So the only recourse you have is to actually cut those pieces of our work. So we can take the individual in the country that once again, are already within the United States.”

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