Video: After The Raid On The Apple Store In Philadelphia, Apple Had The Last Laugh

Looters struck multiple stores in Center City on Tuesday night, prompting police to close down multiple streets in an effort to protect local businesses.

The incidents came hours after the National Retail Federation reported “a dramatic jump in financial losses associated with theft.”

“Retailers are seeing unprecedented levels of theft coupled with rampant crime in their stores, and the situation is only becoming more dire,” said David Johnston, an NRF spokesman.

The Philadelphia incidents began shortly before 8 p.m., when police stopped a group of masked males in black clothing at 17th and Chestnut streets, according to a statement from Philadelphia police.

A mob of dozens of looters targeted stores such as Footlocker, Apple and Lululemon in the City of Brotherly Love on Tuesday night


Thieves also ransacked at least 18 liquor stores overnight, which led to all of Philadelphia’s Fine Wine and Good Spirits locations closing their doors on Wednesday.

Many thieves cops attempted to grab covered their faces with Halloween masks in the Lululemon store.

The carnage took place on Walnut Street, at the center of the city, and involved a Foot Locker and Apple store as well.

One woman, Dayjia Blackwell, who also goes by the name ‘meatball’ had been livestreaming the chaos in the city onto her Instagram page and sharing clips of the looting, seemingly encouraging it.

None of them were able to defend themself from the looting but at least Apple had the last laugh!

After the raid on the Apple store in Philadelphia, Apple remotely blocked all the stolen devices.

These idiots are shocked and outraged!

Video below:

The raid on Apple store:

Police arrested one adult at the Footlocker — while several youngsters managed to flee — and multiple people at Lululemon.

The statement reported no arrests at the Apple Store, but said “numerous” items taken from the business were recovered.

Police closed Walnut Street between the 1400 and 1800 blocks at 8:40 p.m., then locked down Chestnut Street between the same blocks.

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