Video: Biden Admits In-Front Of Little Children That He Hides From Reporters Like A Coward

Before returning to Washington, D.C., President Joe Biden traveled from his home in Delaware to New Jersey to sell the bipartisan infrastructure package and other parts of his agenda that are stalling in Congress.

Biden, who spent the weekend in Wilmington, Del., was scheduled to make two stops in New Jersey — an elementary school in North Plainfield and a transit maintenance facility in Kearney.

At the school, the president promoted universal preschool for all children, which is part of his proposed Build Back Better Act. The White House said the goal is to expand free preschool to all 3-year-old children in the United States.

He also admitted that he hides from reporters like a coward to the little children by saying: I try to figure out how to “avoid answering” questions.

Everything was caught on video:


Biden said that he hopes to have a deal on his massive social spending plan before heads to Europe this week — as Democrats eye a new “wealth tax” on billionaires to salvage the package.

Video below:

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