Video: Carjacker Stabbed The Wrong New Yorker And Tried To Escape His Would-Be Victim By Jumping Off A Bridge – It Didn’t End Well

Carjackings raced out of control in the Big Apple last year, surging 55 percent over 2020, according to new NYPD data Thursday — a day after two car thieves struck in Manhattan less than an hour apart.

“New York has become carjack city,” one NYPD official told The Post. “Between the guns and the low-risk of stealing cars, we’ve seen this explosion in carjackings.”

From 2018 to last year, carjackings in the five boroughs shot up 355 percent — led by a staggering 4,400-percent jump in the NYPD’s Manhattan North borough command and increases of more than 400 percent in the Bronx and Brooklyn North commands, the statistics show.

When you live in a hellhole you have to be ready!

Ismael English, 20, wanted to steal his Lyft driver’s Tesla. He stabbed the driver three times, trying to take control of the vehicle.

But the Lyft driver was a freakin’ New Yorker, and it was a brand new Tesla, so he threw the bum out then hopped out after him, chasing him through traffic on FDR Drive – stab wounds and all!!

English tried to jack several more cars to get away from the Lyft driver, but again, it was stand-still traffic. Those cars were going nowhere fast.

Finally, he jumped off the bridge to escape.

Watch that brilliant move here:

More information about the incident:

Livery driver stabbed in attempted robbery on FDR Drive in Manhattan; suspect arrested.

man is under arrest after police say he stabbed a livery driver during an attempted carjacking spree on the FDR Drive on Tuesday.

Officials say the incident began around 2:40 p.m. on the southbound side of the FDR Drive approaching the Manhattan Bridge exit, where police were responding to a robbery.

They say the suspect, Ismael English, 20, was a rideshare passenger in a black Tesla, when at full speed on the FDR Drive, he tried to carjack the driver.

When the driver refused, police say English stabbed him three times. The car crashed into the Jersey barrier along the shoulder.

The Tesla also rear-ended another vehicle, whose passengers recounted the chaos to Eyewitness News reporter CeFaan Kim.

“The driver was chasing, being stabbed, chasing the guy who stabbed him,” witness Yuliya Birvrayer said. “And the guy who stabbed him, he jumped into another car and started to wrestle with another driver. So, him and scare him away a little bit and he just run on the highway and jumping down.”

Exclusive video obtained by Eyewitness News shows the wild scene that unfolded after the stabbing.

One of the motorists, a construction worker, in the vehicle rear-ended by the Tesla, could be seen in a neon-yellow shirt. He says the suspect was hitchhiking at first, then tried to carjack other motorists.

“He starts to get into somebody else’s car. But he couldn’t actually get into somebody else’s car,” witness Sergio Valvovates said. “Then he starts to fight with the driver trying to take over the car. So, when I came, I tried to scare him away.”

The suspect is seen walking on the FDR and at one point jumps into a white sedan through the back window.

English broke both legs and was taken into custody. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he is expected to survive.

He is charged with attempted murder, attempted robbery, reckless endangerment, and criminal possession of a weapon.

The 36-year-old victim, driving for Lyft at the time of the stabbing, is in critical but stable condition at the same hospital.

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