Video Of Black Cop Violently Choking Young Man Surfaces – MSM Silent As George Floyd Video Makes The Headlines

Three night in a row, peaceful protests over the in-custody death of George Floyd quickly turned violent, with multiple building structures set ablaze, widespread looting, and continued rioting.

Many of the so-called protesters were just looters that wanted to take benefit from the situation.

What is even more important the protest made more racial tension when the focus should be placed on police brutality!

While the mainstream media made the video go viral, another video where black cop is chocking another man was not reported by anyone.

The footage was first seen on Friday.

A Jackson police officer, captured by video Friday pinning a young man by the neck backward to the top of a car, is on administrative leave pending an Internal Affairs investigation. In the video that started circulating Friday night, the officer is pressing the young man’s neck as he sounds like he is gagging. A young woman wearing a safety mask next to them keeps saying, “he can’t breathe.”

Jackson Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Brown said that the patrolman’s name is Myron Smith.

“When the video surfaced, it got to Chief James Davis, and he immediately placed (Smith) on administrative leave and turned it over him to Internal Affairs,” Brown said.

On the video, the officer stood over the young man, very close to his face, bending him backward onto the top of the car, seeming to hold him down by the neck and preventing his movement. More than one camera recorded the incident, while some passersby pleaded for the officer to let him go.

“What did I tell you to do, what did I tell you to do? When I told you to leave, what are you out here doing?” Smith shouted, as captured in the video.

The young man struggled to break off the hold, but was overpowered by the officer who kept shouting at him and making a scene on the road. A parked police car can be seen in the video, possibly belonging to the officer.

As he pinned the young man, Smith dared the young man to “make” him do something more, but it was unclear what he meant.

“Make me, make me, I say, make me,” the officer, visibly angry, repeatedly said.

Video below:

Where is the outrage about this we are all American and we are all against police brutality, but it’s 2020 and there is no need of racial tensions in these difficult times.

Alex Hall

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