Video: Philly Smoke Shop Customer Turns Tables On Armed Robber And Serves Him Instant Justice

Two people were shot, and one person was killed, during an attempted robbery at an ATM inside a corner store in Philadelphia’s Olney.

According to Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small, around 1 a.m., 35th district officers responded to reports of two shooting victims in the smoke shop on the 5300 block of 5th Street.

The suspect reportedly entered the Olney neighborhood business described as a “smoke shop”, armed with a handgun. As he went into the establishment called “Y&H Snacks&Candy,” two men were inside using an interior ATM machine at the shop.

One of the men at the ATM, a 45-year-old, “pulled a Bruce Lee move” on the suspect and managed to get his gun and shoot the suspect. During the incident, the 45-year-old accidentally shot his 36-year-old friend in the shoulder.

The suspect then fled the store and jumped into a waiting vehicle.


By the time police arrived at the store, both the suspect and the two men had left. Officers found an unresponsive shooting victim in the passenger seat of a Toyota with gunshot wounds to the groin and thigh and he was pronounced dead around 1:15 a.m.

He matched the description of the robbery suspect. The man, who was approximately 30 years old, was unresponsive and suffering from gunshot wounds to the groin and thigh. Police say the Toyota the man was in was stolen last week from the 24th District.

Watch the video below:

“At this point, we believe there was a robbery inside the smoke shop. Possibly the tables were turned on the robber, and that’s when the robber got shot, and he was able to get in this Toyota in the passenger seat who was driven two-and-a-half blocks,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said.

The 36-year-old man who was reportedly accidentally shot in the shoulder was found in a local hospital. Both he and his 45-year-old are cooperating with the police.

Employees of the smoke shop were behind a partition in the shop and were not involved in the shooting. The case is under active investigation and a security camera recorded the shooting.

Police are still searching for the person who drove the fatally shot suspect in the stolen Toyota. No arrests have been made.

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