Video: Man Pulls Gun And Starts Shooting After Women Reject His Advances

A video shows a man’s awful reaction after he was rejected by a group of women.

The woman shared the video on social media and has already generated millions of views, and has shared outrage.

There are not many details surrounding the context of the video, but in the clip, you can see a man approach a group of ladies as they were sitting down at a restaurant. The man seemingly begins making passes at the ladies when someone begins recording.

At one part of the video that didn’t get screen recorded. He said “I’m a killer” and still the girls’ response was respectful “Can you just walk away please??”

The ladies clearly uninterested- turns the man down, which seemingly upset him.


After the ladies get up from the table, the woman claims the man went to his car and pulled a gun out of the trunk.

Towards the end of the clip, you can seemingly hear gunshots being fired as the ladies run frantically.

The video was censored by the big tech in the meantime but we have a copy of the video!

Video below:

For all women saying they don’t need to carry, it’s understandable that you shouldn’t have to.

But it’s better to prepared. The majority of men will not act like this, but still, there are people like the man from the video out there.

This is the type of person who has no power in his life so violence is the one time that “power” exists for him.

Hope those women are okay and can see a therapist. If this has traumatized them they will definitely need ways to heal after this.

Alex Hall

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