Video: Protester Cuffed, Hauled Away In Unmarked Van By Undercover Cops Who Tell Crowd “If You Follow Us You’ll Be Shot”

Video of police officers in plainclothes and military-style uniforms arresting a female protester Thursday — and taking her away in an unmarked van as bystanders scream for the officers to identify themselves — spread on social media this week, raising eyebrows and concerns.

In the 45-second clip posted on Twitter, just after the woman is forced into the van, one of the officers dressed in tactical gear and carrying what looks like a rifle yells at the woman’s companions that if “you follow us, you will get shot, you understand me?”

According to the police, the girl tried to hit a police officer on a motorcycle with her sign and that was why she was arrested.


From 10 News

Thursday at around 9:30 pm, a young woman is handcuffed on Park Avenue. Moments later, she is snatched off the street and taken away in the unmarked police vehicle.

“She said somebody took Shayla; like somebody came and took her,” the woman’s mother, Breann Piccini, told ABC 10News exclusively.

The woman detained in the video is a 20-year-old biracial San Diego State University student, Shayla Piccini.

Piccini’s mother said Shayla and her cousins spent the day at a massive protest in Downtown San Diego. After several hours, the group was walking back to their car when Shayla saw several police motorcycles driving past them. At that moment, Shayla held up her cardboard sign, according to her mother.

She was allegedly part of the Antifa riots!

Video below:

The footage starts during the arrest and ends soon after the van drives off, so it is unclear what may have happened or been said before the recording.

Antifa is terrible and they should pay for their crimes, but the kids are just tools being used and disposed of – which is sad. Most just disenfranchised, angry kids. Well, domestic terrorism has a heavy price. They didn’t tell these kids that part did they.

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