WATCH! A Trump Supporting Student At Edmond Santa Fe High School Had His MAGA Flag Ripped Off Of Him By Another Student.Then This Happens

A video shows a student, identified as 18-year-old Kenneth Dewayne, confronting a white student wearing a MAGA hat and wearing a “Trump 2020” banner as a cape, in what appears to be a hallway inside the high school.

“Take it off already,” Dewayne can be heard saying in the video, “Take it off, or I’ll rip it off.”

The video shows the underage student attempting to walk away, which resulted in the 18-year-old student grabbing a hold of his banner to stop him from leaving, and knocking his MAGA hat off of his head.

Now the student might face a criminal charge, as a school resource officer issued an assault and battery summons by a school resource officer.

The assailant has not been charged as yet. A spokeperson for the school stated, “’Given that hats were allowed at school yesterday as part of the week-long fundraising events, there was no specific dress code violation.” This week is Edmond Santa Fe High School’s Double Wolf Dare Week, when students are permitted to wear costumes to raise funds for the school.


According to police, there is a five-day window during which the family of the attacked student can contact the city attorney if they want an assault complaint to be filed, as KOCO 5 reported. KOCO 5 also reported that the family has stated that they intend to pursue criminal assault charges.

Edmond Public Schools officials released a statement that read, “The school district honors students’ First Amendment rights but must, at the same time, be vigilant in teaching and supporting students as they learn how best to respectfully express their opinions.”

The 18-year-old boy told KOCO 5 that he planned to apologize.

I was just notified that they are wearing vests and other costumes because it is a special fundraising week where students dress in costumes on different days.

Keep it up Democrats at some point, Trump’s supporter will defend himself with deadly force.

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