Guy Yells ‘How’s Monica?’ At Bill Clinton — His Reaction Says It All (Video)

Hillary Clinton has attempted — and utterly failed — to take the “moral” high ground during the last year presidential campaign by bashing Donald Trump for the whole bus tape debacle, slighting him for encouraging sexual assault with his rough comments.

This, of course, is rich coming from Hillary who helped sex addicted hubby Bill get out of many sexual assault claims over the years.

For those of you old enough to have been politically aware in the 1990s, you may be familiar with the biggest sex scandal in our history!

Well, people haven’t forgotten that and Bill was again humiliated today because of that scandal!

Video of the exchange was shared on Twitter, with the unidentified man exchanging small talk with Clinton. The man originally yells “What up Bill Clinton?” and “You the best President man,” and “Trump gotta go” repeatedly.


The man then told Clinton he was the “Best president alive, man” to which the 43rd President can be faintly heard saying “Thank you” and giving a salute and a thumbs up. “Tell Hillary I said ‘What up?’ Bill Clinton,” the man yells at a smiling Clinton.

Then, the man yelled loudly “How’s Monica?” Clinton’s response was to roll up the window. The man laughed hysterically.

This is hilarious!

Alex Hall

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