POTUS Scolds Rude Reporter Who Tried To Interrupt Him (VIDEO)

President Trump is definitively the first president to have the courage to teach the crude press some manners. On Friday morning interview with “Fox and Friends,” President Trump gave other media outlets an opportunity to ask questions.

The North Korean Summit was naturally a large point of emphasis for those in attendance.

“I want to have a good relationship with North Korea,” he said. “I want to have a good relationship with many other countries. And what I have done, if you remember, if you are fair, which most of you aren’t … but if you are fair, when I came in, people thought we were probably going to war with North Korea.”

A loud clamor then erupted from the media.

Without missing a beat, Trump pointed his finger at one unknown reporter and firmly said, “Quiet. Quiet. Quiet,” until the chatter stopped.


“If we did,” he continued “millions of people would have been killed.”

Watch it from 2:25

Excellent job, PRESIDENT TRUMP! The reporters were all yelling at him at the same time. How was he supposed to hear questions with all that yelling? Luckily, Trump is a take-charge guy who will not be intimidated by any liberal media troll. Manners are important even at a press conference.

They should respect the office, if not the one holding that office. That’s sure what a lot of us did with previous administrations.

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