After Reporter Was Banned From The White House The MSM Launched An All-Out Attack On Trump But Take A Look How Obama Treated Journalists (Video)

Yesterday The White House on Wednesday banned a CNN reporter from a press event in the Rose Garden.
And the name of the reporter is Kaitlan Collins she is now part of the “fake news network” but she used to be the White House correspondent at the conservative news site Daily Caller. it seems she forgot everything when she received the money from CNN

After this incident, the MSM launched an all-out attack on President Trump but let’s make a quick flashback and see what happens when Obama escort a reporter out of the White House!

Here’s former President Obama having a reporter removed for interrupting him “in his house” the press claps wildly, even starts chanting Obama’s name while the reporter is being removed for yelling “NO MORE DEPORTATIONS”

Video below:

This was in 2015 Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo was ejected from a State Department media briefing in Vienna and senior department officials threatened to call security on him, without him even saying a word.


But when you’ll see the video below you will understand the double standards that we are facing today!

Here’s a Female, African American reporter with White House Press credentials being carried away by Secret Service in 2009 for attempting to ask President Obama to protect “traditional marriage says another tweet!

The list of Obama’s handling reporters is endless but the only question is why is President Trump attacked so much by the MSM when we can all take a look at the Obama’s past and see something far worse!
Of course, the mainstream media launched an immediate attack on the First Amendment from President Trump and they did that just with the claims made by the fake news reporter!

But the White House came with the real version of the event!

“At the conclusion of a press event in the Oval Office a reporter shouted questions and refused to leave despite repeatedly being asked to do so,” Sanders said in a statement. “Subsequently, our staff informed her she was not welcome to participate in the next event but made clear that any other journalist from her network could attend.”

She “refused to leave” the Oval Office.

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