Video: BLM/Antifa Rioters Yell F**k The Police At The Face Of A Police Dog – Receives Instant Justice

The president has said that he plans to designate “antifa,” one of the more well known of the far-left militant rioting groups, as a domestic terrorist organization, and Attorney General William Barr has said that law enforcement needs to “dominate” the streets.

So far the governor of the mostly Democrat-controlled states are not responding well, and the riots are still ongoing.

They even refuse Trump’s offers to help them by sending in the national guard!

Left-wings groups in America such as the anti-government, Antifa, and BLM have long used a host of tactics and platforms to incite violence, including dehumanizing memes, online forums, and organized militias.

They are employing many of the same tactics against police and other targets during the social justice protests since the death of George Floyd, according to a new report by researchers affiliated with Rutgers University.


Police officers were shot all around the country.

A lot of Americans did ask the question, why the police didn’t use their trained dogs to contain the riots.

The video below might gives a perfect example of why the police need to include more dogs to defend themself.

Video below:

Someone needs to step in and crackdown on the lawlessness. Either it will be local and state police — or military forces. If the unrest continues, there will be no third option left. But in the meantime police officers need to use their dogs a lot more, I’m pretty sure that there will be fewer riots and police officers wounded.

They should have more of these dogs at the riots, lined right up with the police. Will allow distance between anarchist & HERO. These dogs will devour the domestic terrorists, before they could get anywhere, near the police.

Alex Hall

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