Joe Biden’s Teleprompter Caught On Video – He Literally Cannot Speak Coherently Without It

Democratic nominee Joe Biden was scheduled to campaign in Detroit on Friday evening.

The former vice president was speaking in Detroit during a voter mobilization event after delivering remarks in Southfield earlier today.

In Detroit, Biden tried to encourage Michigan voters to vote early in person for the presidential election.

He again used a teleprompter, the fact-checkers and the mainstream media ruled that previous accusations from the Trump campaign were false but this time they can’t do anything about it because everything was caught on video.

Video below:


It’s become clear that Biden is also using a teleprompter during interviews with “journalists,” press conferences, and townhall events. Rather than merely a normal and expected part of a campaign for making speeches and policy addresses, the teleprompter has become a crutch for the befuddled Biden. It of course says something very serious about the state of his mental affairs that he’s better on prompter than off.

Off, he meanders aimlessly about chicken manure and “you know, the thing” (equal rights in the Declaration of Independence). He tells oddball stories about Corn Pop and hairy legs and gets aggressive with voters who challenge his record and policy positions. These are but a few examples, and not the actions of a well-adjusted human being.

Last month, the Trump campaign released a scathing one-minute ad entitled, “Joe’s Teleprompter,” showing Biden struggling to communicate, awkwardly filling the gaps with exhausted-sounding sighs and noises. The ad also shows Biden’s national press secretary T.J. Ducklo avoiding Fox News anchor Bret Baier’s pointed question whether Biden uses a teleprompter in interviews and Q&As.

But we won’t see these videos on the mainstream media Because if any MSM ‘journalist’ covers this story they would soon be working at a fast-food joint.

Alex Hall

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