Video: The Knife-Wielding ‘BLM Activist’ Who Was Dangling From Trump Tower And Requested To Speak With Trump Is Finally In Custody

A “BLACK Lives Matter protester” dangled from Trump Tower in Chicago overnight – demanding to speak to the president or else he’d “cut the rope.”

The activist was hanging from the 16th floor from roughly 5.15pm local time on Sunday until 7am on Monday.

In the live video from the side of the building, the man declared that he is a member of Black Lives Matter and brandished a knife while threatening to cut the rope that is preventing him from plummeting to his death.

In the video, the climber declares that “I am member of Black Lives Matter and I want to talk with Mr. Trump before the election. I don’t want to die. If someone will try to pull this rope… I will jump and die. I have a knife. If someone will try to pull [the rope] I will cut it and probably die — but I don’t want to die.”

Video below:


Another video:

The Chicago Police Department said on Monday morning that the situation “resolved peacefully by Negotiators. Suspect in custody. No injuries.”

The activist – who was dangling for more than 13 hours – was holding a knife as negotiators tried to talk him down while a police helicopter circled the skyscraper.

It’s not the first time someone has tried to scale one of Trump’s enormous properties.

On August 10, 2016, a man attempted to scale the glass facade of Trump Tower in New York City using large suction cups.

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