Video: Biden Can’t Resist Sick Move With His Hand, Eyes Look Wild As He Returns To The White House For 5 Hours

Joe is back to wearing his mask… incorrectly. He just signed the bill to add 87K IRS agents and raise taxes on the middle class. And when he walked into the room, he took off the mask and then proceeded to cough several times into his hand.



Biden then proved that President Trump is living rent-free in that big empty head of his. While Biden was trying to stammer, slur, and sputter out the words “big drug companies,” he actually said, “Big Trump companies” before he clumsily corrected himself.

Video below:


Biden was joined by several congressional Democrats just over ten minutes after he coughed into his hand.

Biden handed the pen he used to sign the new law to Sen. Joe Manchin immediately after doing so, in a questionable and potentially unsanitary move.

He went on to shake the hand of Manchin, a Democratic senator known for stymying Biden’s progressive legislative agenda.

He again went with his signature “air shaking” move but this time his eyes didn’t look right!

Video below:

Biden sounds terrible. He’s sluggish, confused, and looks and sounds like he needs another IV bag filled with “magic meds.”

Kathy Sullivan

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