David Hogg Comes Under- Fire After He Posts Serious Claim About NRA Without Evidence

David Hogg is definitely not the favorite person among Americans at this moment. The only thing he is doing these days is picking a fight with those who have a different opinion than him.

But the real problem is that he is a hypocrite just like the rest of the liberal elite that launched a huge campaign against our second amendment!

On Twitter, David Hogg wrote: “Russia used the NRA to give Trump $30 million
Russia used the NRA to give Trump $30 million
Russia used the NRA to give Trump $30 million
Russia used the NRA to give Trump $30 million
Russia used the NRA to give Trump $30 million

RT this so everyone knows”

But, the things did not go so smooth as Hogg thought. Many followers asked him to provide a source for his claims.








We almost forgot about the outspoken and articulate Florida shooting survivors David Hogg… but, then he goes and tweets something stupid again. Well, the NRA is a conservative organization, Hogg. They didn’t associate with Russia during the Cold War and they certainly aren’t now.

If you’re looking for deep connections to Russia, I suggest you look at Hillary, Obama, and 70 years of Democrats.

But, the experience is an overrated thing when you don’t have any. David Hogg is not only not as smart as he thinks, he is way less intelligent or informed than his backers think. He is a parody of himself – kina good for a laugh. It’s long past the time for someone to tell Hogg to just: “Sit down and shut the hell up.”

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Natalie D.

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