Ilhan Omar Challenger Banned From Social Networks For Saying the Rep. Should Be Hanged for Treason if She Passed Info to Iran

Stella’s tweet was in response to reports about a testimony from Kuwaiti-born Canadian businessman Alan Bender given before a Florida judge during the trial of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al Thani. He claimed that Rep. Omar is a “Qatari asset” and acted as a conduit for information to Iran.

Rep. Omar’s office has denied the assertions from Bender and said that it is Saudi Arabian propaganda.

“Since the day she was elected, Saudi Arabian trolls and mouthpieces have targeted Omar with misinformation and conspiracy theories. The latest, outlandishly absurd story from a Saudi-funded media outlet is, of course, false and only the latest in that trend,” Rep. Omar’s office said in a statement.

A spokesperson for Twitter told The Hill on Wednesday that “the account was permanently suspended for repeated violations of the Twitter Rules.”

Stella’s official campaign account was also removed from the platform.

After the Rundown reported on Stella’s tweet, she quoted it and repeated the sentiment — adding a hanged stick figure.

Is it the choice of hanged and not executed or doped up or electrocuted what got her banned? Because how i see it is.
1. If she did in fact pass secrets to iran she should be tried for treason.
2. Treason carries a capital sentence
3. A politician committing treason should be executed
4. Hanging by the neck until death has been a widely used form of execution all over the world. I guess they would want the sharia beheading with a knife?

Alex Hall

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