Man Took A Deep Dive Into Dominion Voting Systems And Offered Alleged Proof Of Election Hack

On Wednesday and Thursday, President Trump teased in a tweet that the Dominion systems were used to steal the election.

Attorney Lin Wood followed up on President Trump’s tweets on Thursday morning pointing to Chinese theft of the US elections using Dominion voting systems.

So far the Fact-Checkers were quick to deny any allegations made by the President and his campaign.

post on TheDonald.win by user TrumanBlack has sparked a little attention, though not nearly enough. It needs a lot more because within the data sorted and examined is the smoking gun the Trump campaign can use to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the election was hacked. Massive amounts of votes were changed from President Trump to Biden. Other votes were removed altogether without reason. This “cyber coup” is much bigger than most of us realized. While we’ve been focused, and rightly so, on analog voter fraud, there is technological fraud on a gargantuan scale that happened. More importantly, it has been proven.
This is the smokiest gun we’ve seen so far.
We are going through the data now, but everything we’ve combed through so far seems to check out. For example, in Georgia there appears to have been 17,407 votes switched. Biden is currently leading in Georgia by 14,148 votes. Pennsylvania is even worse with over one million votes either switched or “lost.”


Here is the data dump on TheDonald.win in its entirety. Because it runs a clear risk of being “disappeared,” we are posting it without edits, errors and all. Please share this data with everyone you can. Let’s get this information out there to keep Trump supporters encouraged. We also need to make sure this data reaches the right hands in the Trump campaign.




🏆 https://thedonald.win/u/PedeInspector/ 🏆


PEDES GET IN HERE. I saw the video on The Gateway Pundit [ https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/breaking-huge-another-system-glitch-captured-live-cnn-election-night-20000-votes-swapped-trump-biden-video/ ] and I decided to do some digging of my own, into a more reputable source that can verify that the glitch was indeed real, and that it affected the votes, instead of it being just a display glitch on that news channel. So I went digging into the Edison data [ https://static01.nyt.com/elections-assets/2020/data/api/2020-11-03/race-page/pennsylvania/president.json] and I found this damning evidence [ https://i.maga.host/RNPN3Oz.png ]. As can be seen in the image, only 54 votes were added, but the ratio changed in Biden’s favor by a whole 0.6%! This is proof that not only did the glitch happen, but it doesn’t seem to have been reverted at all.

EDIT : BIG UPDATE, I made a script to run through the data and gather all instances where votes switched from Trump to Biden, Lost Votes means that the total amount of votes counted decreased by that amount throughout the counting. I’ve only done states that use Dominion Voting Systems so far.
EDIT 2: Added ALL the states, and separated by voting systems, although no state uses exclusively one system as far as I know.

Edit 3: Re-ordered the states, first by switched votes, then by lost votes.

Switched votes are votes that were taken from Trump and given to Biden.

Lost votes are voted that disappeared during the counting, from both candidates.

There might be a small overlap between Switched votes and Lost votes.

Dominion Voting Systems :

Pennsylvania : Switched : 220,883 Lost Votes : 941,248
New Jersey : Switched : 80,242 Lost Votes : 20
Florida : Switched : 21,422 Lost Votes : 456
Michigan : Switched : 20,213 Lost Votes : 21,882
New York : Switched : 18,124 Lost Votes : 623,213
Georgia : Switched : 17,407 Lost Votes : 33,574
Ohio : Switched : 14,965 Lost Votes : 5,102
Virginia : Switched : 12,163 Lost Votes : 789,023
California : Switched : 7,701 Lost Votes : 10,989
Arizona : Switched : 4,492 Lost Votes : 0
Minnesota : Switched : 2,766 Lost Votes : 195,650
Tennessee : Switched : 2,330 Lost Votes : 0
Louisiana : Switched : 2,322 Lost Votes : 0
Illinois : Switched : 2,166 Lost Votes : 54,730
Wisconsin : Switched : 2,078 Lost Votes : 3,408
Colorado : Switched : 1,809 Lost Votes : 0
Utah : Switched : 1,627 Lost Votes : 0
New Hampshire : Switched : 973 Lost Votes : 116
Iowa : Switched : 938 Lost Votes : 477
New Mexico : Switched : 268 Lost Votes : 4,610
Missouri : Switched 0 : Lost Votes : 20,730
Nevada : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0
Alaska : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0
Washington : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0
Hawaii : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0
Kansas and Texas use Premier Election Solutions, owned by Dominion Voting Systems.

Texas : Switched : 14,954 Lost Votes : 30,557
Kansas : Switched : 1,674 Lost Votes : 2,154
Election Systems & Software :

Nebraska : Switched : 30,086 Lost Votes : 50
Kentucky : Switched : 8,129 Lost Votes : 23,849
Arkansas : Switched : 3,664 Lost Votes : 20,748
South Carolina : Switched : 2,779 Lost Votes : 2,119
Montana : Switched : 2,330 Lost Votes : 1,276
South Dakota : Switched : 1,347 Lost Votes : 1
North Dakota : Switched : 234 Lost Votes : 681
Maryland : Switched : 203 Lost Votes : 0
North Carolina : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 15
District of Columbia : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0
Unknown Systems:

Nebraska : Switched : 30,086 Lost Votes : 50
Connecticut : Switched : 3,834 Lost Votes : 272
Massachusetts : Switched : 3,613 Lost Votes : 51
Oregon : Switched 2,557 Lost Votes : 0
Alabama : Switched : 1,170 Lost Votes : 408
Mississippi : Switched : 355 Lost Votes : 0
Maine : Switched : 271 Lost Votes : 35
Rhode Island : Switched : 6 Lost Votes : 13
West Virginia : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 78,300
Idaho : Switched 0 Lost Votes : 0
Oklahoma : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0
Indiana : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0
Delaware : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0
Vermont : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0
NOTE : Lost votes are votes that disappeared, not only for Trump, but overall.


I went looking through the data I got from my script, trying to find if the moment the Antrim glitch happened in Michigan is there. And it is. Here is the Data. [ https://static01.nyt.com/elections-assets/2020/data/api/2020-11-03/race-page/michigan/president.json ]

And here is the specific part when the switch happened. [ https://i.maga.host/wGuVGZQ.png ]

You can see in that picture, that Trump lost 3,096 votes, those all went to Biden. BUT, Trump also lost 2,324 votes, that went nowhere.

EDIT: Those 2,324 were moved from Trump to Jorgensen.

Jorgensen votes = Total votes * (1 – Trump share – Biden share)

Nr.27 : 573,857 * (1 – 0.578 – 0.401) = 12,051

Nr.28 : 574,417 * (1 – 0.568 – 0.406) = 14,935

Jorgensen vote increase from Nr.27 to Nr.28 = 14,935 – 12,051 = 2,884

Total vote increase from Nr.27 to Nr.28 = 574,417 – 573,857 = 560

Jorgensen vote increase – Total vote increase = 2,884 – 560 = 2,324

SOURCES: Here is the data I used:

EDISON DATA: https://static01.nyt.com/elections-assets/2020/data/api/2020-11-03/race-page/pennsylvania/president.json


The data is from Edison Research, it is used for election coverage by at least ABC News, CBS News, CNN and NBC News. It is also used for the website of the NYT, and probably others as well.

I scraped the data from the NYT website, here [ https://static01.nyt.com/elections-assets/2020/data/api/2020-11-03/race-page/pennsylvania/president.json ] to check for other states, replace “pennsylvania” in the link with the state you want to check, for states that have spaces in their names, like new york, write new-york instead.

Take this picture for example:

It’s like this:

Nr.187 : 2,984,468(Total votes) * 0.566(Trump share of the votes) = 1,689,208.888

Nr.188 : 2,984,522 * 0.56 = 1,671,332.32

Do the same thing for Biden, and you’ll see that he gained the votes that Trump lost.

I made a program that basically checks every single change in votes, does the above to check if votes were switched, then adds them all up to get the total amount of switched votes.

Here is the link to a rar file containing all the .json files for the states, and the fraudcatch.py file, you’d need to download python 3.8.2 to use it, click EDIT with idle, then in the window that pops up click Run, to check how many votes were switched from Trump to Biden in a state, you then type findfraud(‘hawaii’) for example, replace hawaii with the name of the file of the state you want to check, the file for new hampshire is named newhamp for example, so findfraud(‘newhamp’), to check the total lost votes (For both candidates) do lostvotes(‘newhamp’) for example. https://workupload.com/file/s7s8SARjjqh

[pede444wow] I took the json files that are included here, and wrote a python script to convert the critical data to one csv file, so you can analyze it in excel:

python script: https://pastebin.com/Q6nTP04N

result csv file: (download and save to csv file, then open in excel) https://pastebin.com/FQuxxTvK

[montag] Here’s a GitHub repo of the same data source taken at incremental time periods. https://github.com/favstats/USElection2020-NYT-Results

Editor”s Note: The opinions expressed in this article are the views of the author and do not necessarily express the views of the Conservative US.

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