Irish Protestors Just Unveiled Their Humiliating Plan for Trump’s Upcoming Ireland Trip

Today, we got another information that President Trump and his supporters will not like!

Or I would say the people who voted for him will not like this!

The White House announced in late August that Trump would visit Ireland as part of four-country tour after the midterm elections. The announcement led to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar calling for citizens to treat the president with respect upon his arrival.

“I know a lot of people dislike him, a lot of people object to him, a lot of people disagree with a lot of his policies, just as I do in fact,” Varadkar told national broadcaster RTE, according to Reuters. “But he is the president of America and the relationship between Ireland and the United States is much more important than any Irish government or any U.S. administration and I think we have to treat his office with the respect that it deserves.”

But it seems that no one will ban the flying baby Trump balloon to fly over Dublin during Trump’s upcoming visit!


After Trump announced his intention to visit, prominent Ireland citizens started calling for the demonstrations.

The Irish Times reportedn Wednesday that the organizers who first flew the “Trump baby” blimp in London during the president’s visit to the United Kingdom offered it to Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan.

Ryan, who is organizing protests for Trump’s visit to Ireland, accepted, and told the newspaper that it will be used as part of a series of demonstrations.

He added that the protests will have an “Irish twist.”

“We are working through the details,” Ryan said, adding that he wants the protests to convey the message that Irish citizens do not support Trump visiting the nation.

“We will be doing different things in different parts of the country. It won’t just be Dublin. We will be doing Cork and Dublin and other locations.”

Ryan told the newspaper that it is unlikely protests will take place outside Trump’s resort in Doonberg, Ireland. The president is expected to make a private visit to the location.

This is the first time in Ireland’s history to protest the visit of a foreign visitor that comes out of the island!

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Alex Hall

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