Marco Rubio Uses Obama’s Speech In Illinois To Expose His Lies

Obama represents everything that is wrong with this country. Division, move toward socialism, and lawlessness. How desperate are the Democrats to ask a former president to campaign for their rejected causes?

In his outrageous and appalling speech at the University of Illinois, former President Barack Obama told America that President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress have cultivated a divided America since he left office last January, and claimed we need to be more united.

He went even further and urged Americans to vote for Democrats in November as a check on the Trump administration’s “abuses of power.”

“In two months we have the chance, not the certainty, but the chance to restore some semblance of sanity to our politics. There is actually only one check on bad policy and abuses of power, and that’s you and your vote,” Obama said.

As I see, Democrats have very short memories. There is no logic, no sense at all in what Obama says. That’s his game. Extorting young minds. Shaming you into thinking that your thinking is wrong. Its called Histrionic, Pathological, Cluster B, Manic, Narcissistic Behavior Disorder. Obama and Democrats extort college campuses because they know how confused most are at that age.

Luckily, in a series of tweets, Sen. Marco Rubio exposed the real Obama.







Nice job Marco Rubio!! Nice to see the truth being spoken.

So apart from being a leftist tool, Obama is also an incredible hypocrite…like virtually all liberals. Hard to believe we had such an anti-America, divisive, power-abusing guy make it all the way to the highest office…twice.

America was divided when Obama was in office. We saw police officers getting shot and no admonishment from him. Rioting, cities burning to the ground, those that support Trump were beaten and dragged from their cars. Christians were being beheaded across the seas while he was out golfing. Every Christmas he was in Hawaii or taking some lavish vacation on our dime. He would speak to us in such a voice that was condescending. The veterans suffered. Food stamps were the common norm. Keep the people dependent on the government to ensure the votes. What people don’t understand is we went to the polls. We cast our votes we didn’t announce many of us who we were voting for maybe for fear of physical harm or backlash from others. We had enough. Enough of this country being ripped apart.

Obama is good at blaming others but he needs to realize no matter how many speeches he gives we the American people know better.

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Natalie D.

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