Mother Whose Son Was Killed By Illegal Immigrant Says President Trump Saved Her From Suicide (VIDEO)

The immigration issues have been going on for decades and the Democrats have done nothing… We finally have President who is trying to clean this mess up.

Sabine Durden, an angel mom, said Friday that President Trump saved her from committing suicide after an illegal immigrant killed her only son.
Durden said at an event for angel families that she is a legal immigrant and always sought to protect her son from harm.

“And I didn’t drag my son … through borders, over deserts, I didn’t place him in harm’s way. I protected my child from harm but I couldn’t do that on July 12, 2012,” she began.

Durden’s son, Dominic, was killed when an illegal immigrant took a wrong turn driving an unlicensed truck and struck him on his motorcycle. The illegal immigrant had a record of drunk driving.

“This is my only child. I have no family. That’s it,” Durden said, struggling through tears. “The public needs to know and they deserve to know that this could happen to each one of you at any second.”

“Thank God our president and vice president … they rallied behind us,” she continued. “They were the only ones and gave us a little light. I was gonna end my life — I had no purpose. But President Trump coming down that escalator that day and talking about illegal immigration stopped me in my tracks and I had no clue at that point that I would ever be at the White House.”

“Make sure you get our stories out,” she said. “I wear his ashes in a locket. That is how I get to hug my son.”

So sad! Just imagine if this was your child. I’m like her I only have one son. Congress get this done and stop all the politics. Close the borders! Build the wall. People so worried about illegal children who are being well cared for! These parents will never see their children again! Our families matter.

But, once again Democrats are on the wrong side. They must pay attention because this is how the majority of Americans feel.
This was a very sad story about what is happening in this country, and where is the mainstream media in all of this? The left and its lapdog media can’t talk about the good Trump has done, it makes them look very bad.

We must share this and spread the truth!
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