Obama And Biden Under Formal Investigation For Corruption In Ukraine Says Paul Sperry


Investigative reporter Paul Sperry has announced that at least three Senate committees are formally investigating Obama-Biden-Ukrainian collusion to damage Donald Trump’s chances to win the 2016 presidential election.

My personal opinion is that Trump is going to have them all tried for treason. Their reign is over. Their days are numbered.

If these committees can’t do their job honestly, vote every one of them out of office. Need to get rid of RHINO’S too!!!!

We the people will never trust the Government until at least one of the crooks in Washington goes to Prison and they are stripped of their wealth!


While we can continue to hope this time will be different, the most likely scenario is that these committees will amount to little more than political grandstanding used to score points with the Republican base.

Republicans will leave just enough doubt on the table so that Democrats can claim absolution, as well.  Something along the lines of, “I’m the most investigated politician ever,” ala Hillary Clinton.

Was any politician held accountable for Benghazi?  The IRS scandal? Fast and Furious?

Alex Hall

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