Photos And Videos From Last Night’s Debate Allegedly Shows Some Sort Of Electronic Device Under Biden’s Shirt – Fact Checkers Says Otherwise

US voters have endured the first of three presidential debates between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The event has also prompted a huge reaction from world audiences who tuned in for the chaotic event.

Newspapers and commentators around the world have criticized the tone and tactics of the debate.

JOE BIDEN and President DONALD TRUMP took the stage in Cleveland for the first presidential debate — a 96-minute, commercial-free affair moderated by Fox News’ CHRIS WALLACE, 35 DAYS before Election Day.

A few last-minute demands came in.


JOE Biden has demanded a break every 30 minutes during tonight’s presidential debate, according to reports.

There are no commercial breaks scheduled during the 90-minute event, prompting the Biden campaign to request brief pauses to allow their candidate to rest, Fox News reports.

The Trump camp is understood to have firmly rejected the idea and countered it with their own demand that both candidates be checked for hidden earpieces before the debate.

They both refused each other demands.

This morning a video and photos surfaced on the internet and alleged that Biden was wired.

We downloaded almost every photo and made a few PrintScreens in case our social media giants decide to delete them.

I zoomed in pretty good on it. You can see the metal is very defined and encased. If anyone knows what this is, please share it below. There are two of them. One on the right side and one in front.

If you go to 57:16 you can observe it for yourself. It happens very quickly, and then it drops back into his cuff.
Video below

The moment the device poops out of his shirt:

People alleged a tiny microphone, the kind you pair with a wireless earbud and receiver (@ 28:49 on C-SPAN video above)

Some went even further and alleged that the device is a neuromuscular electrical stimulator:


Another video also surfaced this morning where Biden allegedly said good luck to some of this staffers using his earpiece:

Is Joe Biden using a teleprompter part of the time? Yes, absolutely. We’ve all seen it. He’s using handwritten notes, a teleprompter, his computer screen, and any other resource they can to prop him up and make it look like he’s not a really old man with health issues.

But about last night we can’t confirm anything!

FactCheckers denied the stories about Biden wearing an earpiece.
Lead Stories reported:

Is it true that Joe Biden was wearing a wire during the first presidential debate with Donald Trump on Sept. 29, 2020? No, that is not true. Not only is there no evidence to back up a claim making the rounds on social media, a blow up of a moment captured on camera clearly shows that the supposed “wire” was a shirt crease.

PolitiFact reported:

Before the debate, another viral rumor claimed Biden had a device implanted in his skull that lets him hear someone on the other end give him answers to questions. We rated that claim Pants on Fire. Envoy Medical said its device “cannot secretly and wirelessly transmit conversations” and the Biden campaign refuted the claim.

About the last night’s debates, it’s up to us to report what we’ve noticed and it’s put to you to decide.

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