The List – BLM Urges People To Stop Spending In Companies That Don’t Support BLM And Antifa Riots

Organizations are making a lot of noise in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. It suddenly seems as though every major firm in America has their fist in the air for George Floyd.

As we have previously reported we have the full list of companies who are supporting BLM & Antifa riots. The full list HERE.

One Facebook event organized by BLM titled Boycott for Black Lives will feature a list of public figures and organizations people can boycott.

The event states:


On Friday, June 19th, 2020, also known as Juneteenth and Freedom Day, supporters of the Black Lives Matter Movement will protest with their pockets by boycotting companies, personalities/celebrities, and politicians who have been against or silent about our movement to end anti-Black racism and violence. This historically important form of protest on this historic day has additional and specific meaning as the police were called on George Floyd for an allegedly counterfeit $20 bill. We are compiling and fact-checking a list of racist or complicit people and organizations that we will publish so that starting on the 19th, we will boycott them and continue to do so until they support our movement or realize the strength of our collective buying power 💰#BoycottForBlackLives #BlackLivesMatter

And here’s the list of companies that they plan to boycott!


Of course, BLM got it all wrong as we have previously reported the companies that did show their support for BLM and Antifa riots and are on the blacklist of BLM are:

Amazon:, American Airlines:, BP:, CVS:, Home Depot:, Marvel Entertainment:, Pfizer Inc:, Taco Bell:, Wendy’s:

The list that they posted minus the companies we already published that expressed their support for BLM and Antifa riots is the list that BLM will boycott but many American patriots would support.

Who will win?

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If you haven’t read our full list of companies that support BLM and Antifa riots you can do it HERE.

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