Twitter Rumor Goes Wild – DC Insider Claims That Christopher Wray is STEPPING DOWN TODAY As Chief Of The FBI

Over the past three months before testing positive for COVID-19, the president had indicated to several senior officials and close associates that he intends to replace Wray near the start of a second term in office, routinely expressing dissatisfaction with the director’s performance and apparent unwillingness to swiftly root out the traitors.

Trump’s perceived enemies in the bureau, two people familiar with the president’s private remarks said. One of these sources said that when the issue of Wray’s alleged subversion came up last month, Trump said that the matter would be resolved “next year,” which this source took to mean after the 2020 election, assuming Trump emerges victorious.

But the latest rumors that are circulating on Twitter that Christopher Wray is not going to be in the position as a director of the FBI starting from today.

Chuck Callesto a Former Candidate for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District said that a DC insider confirms that Cristopher Wray is stepping down today.

Omar Navarro also tweeted this:


Lawyer and conservative-media darling Joe diGenova, who’s informally advised Trump, told The Daily Beast on Wednesday evening that the current FBI director has “been completely inadequate and not up to the challenge of reforming the FBI,” arguing that Wray should have delivered a speech to FBI officials following the ouster of his predecessor, James Comey, about how he was “embarrassed by previous leadership.” By not doing so, the Trump loyalist contended, Wray “sent a signal that what preceded was OK. That is not a leader.”

DiGenova, who said his preferred pick for the next director is former New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly, said, “I hope Christopher Wray is removed tomorrow.”

Wray has had a rough tenure at the FBI after he was tapped by Trump to replace Comey in 2017. Trump and his allies have accused the FBI of misconduct for investigating Trump’s connections to the Russian interference in the 2016 election—some of it deserved. That’s only intensified in 2020, as Wray’s FBI has been conspicuous by its absence in the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security crackdowns on protests in Washington, D.C., and Portland, Oregon.

FBI Director Christopher Wray and representatives from the Department of Justice will hold a virtual press conference ‘on a national security matter’ at 11 am ET!

The political calendar complicates plans to fire Wray. If Trump dumps him during the intermediary period before a new Congress is sworn in, or if the Republicans keep hold of the Senate, Trump can afford to lose potentially a handful of Republican votes when the nominee comes up for confirmation. Should the Democrats take control of the Senate and Trump to maintain the office, it’ll be harder to place a loyalist into the post.

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