Video: After Going Silent On Social Media For Over A Week Budweiser Releases A New Ad With Dylan Mulvaney And It’s Even Worse That The First Ad

Bud Light’s partnership with transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney has ignited outrage from conservatives, including from singers Kid Rock and Travis Tritt.

On Sunday, Mulvaney, a popular social media star, took to Instagram to promote a contest for the beer and showed off commemorative cans with her face on them celebrating her “365 days of girlhood” series.

“Happy March Madness!! Just found out this had to do with sports and not just saying it’s a crazy month! In celebration of this sports thing @budlight is giving you the chance to win $15,000! Share a video with #EasyCarryContest for a chance to win!! Good luck! #budlightpartner,” Mulvaney wrote in the caption of the video.

The post caused an uproar among some users, with many conservatives vowing to protest Anheuser-Busch, the company behind Bud Light.

Bud Light has remained silent on social media following the announcement from transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney regarding a partnership that sparked conservative outrage and calls for boycotts.


Bud Light has not posted on Instagram to its 377,000 followers since March 30 and the brand’s 311,000 Twitter followers have not seen any posts since April 1.

Additionally, the beer brand has not posted to its over 7.5 million Facebook followers since March 30.

Anheuser-Busch did not immediately respond to a request for comment as to why the social media channels have gone dark but the slowdown in posts comes at the same time the company has found itself facing criticism for partnering with Mulvaney as a brand ambassador.

But it seems that we have our response as the second ad featuring Mulvaney was just released.

The second Bud Light Dylan ad of fem trans-Dylan Mulvaney is making the rounds. In this ad, Dylan is taking a bath with a swimsuit on while drinking soapy water and a case of Bud Lights.

Doesn’t everyone like soapy water in their beer?

It’s not clear if he even drinks the beer.

Video below:

What do you think about the new ad?

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