Video: Entitled Lady Demands Reparations For A $1,000 Target Bill – Goes Horribly Wrong

On October 22nd, 2022, at 8:42 pm, officers were dispatched to a Target grocery store where they had received a report of a customer causing a disturbance. The incident involved a cart of groceries for which the customer wanted Target to make “reparations.”

Upon arrival, officers met with the security staff member and customer in the security office.

An officer spoke to the Target staff involved and took their witness accounts, stating the suspect had around $1000 of groceries in her cart before asking for a manager. Upon the managers’ arrival, she told officers the suspect “ asked Target to make reparations for her.”

We made a video that explains the whole situation!

WATCH (warning: graphic video)


Video below:

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The suspect was arrested and later charged with Menacing and Disorderly Conduct.
This was in Hamilton County Ohio, in Blue Ash, which is north of Cincinnati

She ended up getting convicted on one of the misdemeanors 2 months later

Karen Ivery got a $110 fine (paid by Terrance Ivery) and time served (1 day)

The source for the reparations request, from the affidavit in the courts:

We haven’t seen any new agency or media reporting about this story.

But behavior like this one is unacceptable!

This person thought 10:30 pm was the time for a “greater conversation”… She is ridiculous and I think she deserved more punishment than she got. I hope that Target trespassing notification stands and includes ALL Target stores.

Kathy Sullivan

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