Video: Biden’s Press Secretary Told Democrats To Break Rules To Remove Trump Before The Election

Over the years, Democrats have shown a willingness to bend or break the rules to accomplish their goals.

They’ve been ignoring federal law by shielding illegal aliens in their sanctuary cities. They made no effort to end, or even condemn the rioting by Antifa and BLM earlier in the year.

And when coronavirus struck, yes, they exploited it to sow chaos in the election, but also to negate First Amendment guarantees through arbitrary and illegal lockdown decrees.

There were allegations that they called for their supporters to move to Georgia so they can sway the senatorial races there.

Maybe they’ve been corrupted by blind hatred of Donald Trump, but in recent years, the party has developed a decidedly underhanded approach to politics: Do whatever it takes. It almost makes us long for the days of the scandal-free Jimmy Carter Administration.

President Joe Biden’s White House press secretary, Jen Psaki who is a seasoned Democratic operative also said that the Democrats need to break the rules in order to remove Trump, few weeks before the election. As always the mainstream media didn’t report this but luckily we have this moment on video.

Video below:

Conservatives accused the press of treating Psaki better than they did her predecessors in the Trump administration. But news like this shouldn’t be ignored lightly.

Alex Hall

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