Naked except for “spit hoods” in a reference to the killing of Daniel Prude, several protesters sat outside Rochester’s police headquarters Monday morning to push for police accountability, local news outlets reported.

Photos and video showed roughly a half-dozen demonstrators, naked or in minimal clothes and some with “Black Lives Matter” written on their backs, sitting silently with their hands behind them, on a rain-slicked street outside the city Public Safety Building.

The Democrat & Chronicle reported that after a time, the demonstrators were given blankets and left in cars.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump tweeted that Rochester was among cities that had “bad nights,” while Mayor Lovely Warren commended activist leaders, police, and community elders on a night of calm protest Sunday.

BLM’s tactics in Rochester are now changed and they will use white FOLKS as human shields.
The Rochester chapter of Black Lives Matter has started to make use of their “white shields”, a human wall of white protestors surrounding the black protestors and serving as human shields, ready to take a bullet for the cause.
A video from the riots surfaced recently and it shows a BLM member calling for black people to use white people as a human shield.


If you’re white and you got a shield, you need to be making a perimeter from whatever this street is to whatever that street is. If you are black, stay in the middle.

Rioters marched on the City Hall in Rochester. As the videos show, they organized in such a fashion that the people with the lightest skin were on the front lines, covering the other rioters on all sides.

Video below:

All BLM does lately is a preview of what life will be like once leftists install Joe Biden as their sock puppet and have full control of the country.

We can laugh about it now because it’s only happening in liberal cities run by the same failed liberal elected officials who get re-elected over and over again.

But it’s still a preview of who the left is and what happens if they’re given even more power. Remember this come Election Day.

Alex Hall

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