Video: Small Man Serves A Taller Guy Instant Justice For Trying To Spit His Chick Right In Front Of Him

The truth is, size does matter in a fight. If you ever find yourself in an altercation with an opponent who is taller or weighs more, it’s recommended to employ the best strategies to overcome their size advantage.

Almost all fights start standing up which is a good thing, because the last thing you want to do is grapple with your opponent if they’re bigger than you (unless you have high-level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

I understand this type of situation can be very intimidating, especially when you’ve never been in a fight before.

They can be even more intimidating if you have to face a bigger opponent in front of your girlfriend!

A video that is making rounds on social media shows that if you are brave enough nothing can’t stop you!


The incident was recorded in New York!

Video below:

I think this goes without saying, however, don’t fight unless you have to.

If you believe a situation has escalated to the point of no return, throw the first punch, especially if your opponent is bigger than you. The best advantage you can give yourself is ending a fight before your opponent even gets a chance to react. Throwing a punch that lands clean will possibly rock your opponent, or at minimum create the opportunity to throw more punches.

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